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Fuck me..

Today was beautiful...minus, me braking up with John, cutting my arm, him burning his neck and wrists and me finding out he did coke last night. Of all the things that were said and shit, he telling me he did coke, the way he did really hurt. It was a serious low blow...I don't know what is happening with him, but it really worries me...I can't even explain how it makes me feel....Actually, it really does make me feel SICK...horrible...shocked...confused...I odn't know.....I can't think of a way to put how Ifelt when he told me.

We are all ok now.
I love him so much.

John PROMISED me he'd go to Him&Hers at 1:30 tomorrow...he swore on my life and he knows how important it is to me, so *hopefully* he shows up..
...Oh how I hope he does...

~*Wish Me Luck*~
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