*Brandi*Gem* (brandiandjohn) wrote,

In school...

1. Are you sweet, or sexy? Not sweet...I''d say I can be sexy...I could be sweet too I guess.
2. How long is your hair? It touches the top of my tits...lol
3. Would you rather spend your time with someone who was too mature, or immature? Probably too immature.
4. What is your favorite soft drink? Mug Rootbeer
5. How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa Claus? Umm...I think I always had my doubts. I don't remember.Prolly like 11...
6. What is your favorite song? Like 5 (Hed)P.E songs
7. Do you spend more time with your girlfriend/ boyfriend, or your friends? Boyfriend or alone
8. Do you have any pets? Yep, Rocky,Shadow,the frogs...
9. What is your favorite color? Blue,Red and Black.
10. Do you do any drugs? Mhmm...Vicodin,Weed...other stuff on occasion.
11. If so, how often and which ones? All of them usually at least once a week.
12. Do you drink? I drink constantly..
13. Are you easy to get along with? No...
14. Are you helpful or lazy? Depends. I like to help friends and stuff, but at home I'm laaazy
15. Do you write in blue or black ink? What a stupid question. Who cares. I have various colours of pens...
16. Do you circle the dots on your I's? yes
17. What is the most disgusting thing you have done? Haha...um...stepped in poo? Puked alot...that kinda stuff.
18. Who do you look up to? I don't know, no one I can think of.
19. Do you love yourself? Mostly not.
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