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Fuck you John...

Yeah, ok, so John...You are an asshole...
I don't give a flying fuck what he does anymore. I could give a shit less about him, because god knows he doesn't give a fuck about me.

His newest thing is to just go and do Freebase and like, come to school and fucking brag about how lifted he was...and had the nerve to like say...oh I had to sleep outside behind Elegant Junk. Like it's my fucking fault. HE could have slept at my house downstairs...but no0o...HE was like "I wouldn't even bother."...

Well..then fuck you...you wouldn't even bother. He can kiss my ass...I won't bother with him either. I should really take Eddie or Ray to the concert, but I doubt either of them would be able to...or would want to go with me...

Whatever. I don't care. John said he did the Freebase and theres nothing that can be done about it...Essentially, telling me to deal with it. I should go and slice my wrist open. Nothin can be done about that either. Once that's done. It's done.

Well he can sit on it and turn. I always listen to him, he wouldn't let me do it...and I didn't. The way he is now...makes me hate him, times like this I don't even want to go out with him. He hurts me so much. And it's only b/c I don't want him doing something like freebase...and...without me there. I would never do anything like that without him there.

Yet, this is all going to go back to...I am a crazy fucking bitch. I wish I would just die. THen he could see what he had, and what he will be missing. Or maybe he'd like it better that way.

He'll find out soon tho. I won't be here much longer. NO need for Brandi anymore.

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