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A survey.

What is your name?Brandi
When were you named?i guess when i was born
Who named you? my mom
What would you name yourself? I don't know. I suppose Brandi is ok....
Are names important to you?Not really

How old are you?14
How long have you been that age? 324 days...
What age would you like to be?18
Have you ever lied about your age? i do constantly.
Is age nothing but a number? To me yes...to others...no.

What colors are you wearing?different shades of blue..and white.
What is your favorite color? black
Do you like wearing your favorite color a lot?yep
What two colors really don’t look good together?green and yellow
Do you always match?yep

What size shoe do you wear?5 1/2
What’s the best kind of shoe?sneakers
Isn’t shoe shopping time-consuming?no way i love it
Have you ever bought a pair of shoes without trying them on first? Yeah I think so.
How much is too much for a good pair of shoes?there is never to much 4 shoes man
what did you say?
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